Welcome to the stats site for GB Junior Shooting

This website is an independent website that initially was established to support the newly emerging Sporter Air Rifle (SAR) shooters.

The public area displays averages whilst an area restricted to shooters and coaches, which has additional facilities, can only be accessed through logging in once a username and password have been allocated.

The statistical link to the SAR website proved to be a very effective source of data and thus of use in coaching, planning, and facilitating the selection of upcoming juniors (under 21) within the SAR discipline into the GBJS (GB Junior Squad).

The progression of SAR shooters into GBJS also meant that the values of the website could be seen and before long a separate dedicated set of outputs was established for all the disciplines shot by GBJS members.

The overlap between the SAR shooters being on the SAR “all shooters” listing and also within the GBJS listing continued to bring to the fore the advantages of GBJS having access to stats of potential squad members.

As a result of an ongoing review, remembering all data is on one database that had two separate access routes, the decision was made to combine access into one set of menus and then to expand the database to include all junior shooters in all disciplines. Not only does such a combining allow GBJS to identify juniors of potential easier / earlier but also other squads and clubs are highly welcomed to use the database for their own needs as we have the ability to set coaches access to preset groups, e.g. club(s) squad(s) etc.

One function the site has retained is to hold all SAR stats as that was its roots, so you will find adults SAR stats within the SAR pages.

To where the site will evolve who knows, but with your input, and thanks to the efforts of our programming guru Andrew Nimmo, I have no doubts of its value to GB Junior Shooting as a whole.

Enquiries as to access, usage, and suggestions are all very welcome!

Roger Monksummers

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